Band finds effective alternative to banning cellphones at shows

Posted by on July 6, 2016


One of the most recent topics of discussion lately is Apple’s new patent that could see them locking cellphones for pictures or recordings at a specific area, tackling the persistent issue of cellphone cameras floating during a concert or event. The idea has been embraced by some people annoyed by those who spend an entire show holding up their cellphone just to post a crappy video to Youtube or Facebook at the price of annoying those around them. Others were angered that anyone would try to take away their freedom from doing what they wanted at a concert. But there’s a band who came up with much simpler solution and you may like it.

Folk rock band The Lumineers (as in that “hey! ho!” band) recently played a series of secret shows where they performed their most recent album. With the concern of grainy videos popping everywhere on the Internet, the band joined efforts with the company Yondr to use their self-lock pouches to store the attendees’ phones and restrict its usage. Basically, it’s just a portable pouch that will remain locked if you’re near a certain area and can only be accessed by leaving its restriction zone.


This technology has been around for a few years and has been tested  by several venues in the Bay Area and various artists like Alicia Keys or comedians Louis C.K. and Dave Chappelle. This alternative seems to be effective, considering the lack of choppy cellphone videos of any of The Lumineers’ secret shows on Youtube and the acceptance from most of those who had to lock away their phones to enjoy the show, or at least most of them as frontman Wesley Schultz commented:

“If you can set it up so that people can’t get to their phones as easily or are deterred, people actually really welcome that,” he said. “It’s just such a strong force of habit in our lives right now.

“Even at one of the shows, a guy brought in a knife with him — just, he usually carries a knife, I guess — and he tried to stab through the case, and it’s got steel, I think, woven into it. So his knife got stuck in the thing, and then when he had to leave, he had the embarrassing deal of having to tell the people that he tried to open it, and they had to pry his knife loose.”

The idea definitely beats over yelling on stage to the crowd about putting their phone away and enjoying the moment, like a certain frontman of a rock band who may or may not have overreacted about it. It’s also a better alternative than making a blocking device that would affect recording public events, protests or law enforcement personnel.

[via Digital Music News]


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