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Necrobutcher not happy about Lords of Chaos film

Posted by on May 5, 2015

We reported yesterday about the inclusion of Jonas Akerlund as director into the Lords of Chaos film project produced by Ridley Scott’s Scott Free London, RSA London and VICE, and it generated a polarizing outburst between fans of Mayhem, the book and the metal community in general, but the only relevant opinion happened late yesterday when […]

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King Diamond talks new album, struggles with recovery, and drinking with Metallica

Posted by on July 2, 2014

First we get rumors of King Diamond touring, then we actually got confirmation of King Diamond touring, and now it’s coming to light that the legend himself plans on writing a new album. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, King spoke about an album coming in the future as well as some of […]

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Not Surprisingly, Rolling Stone’s Metal Readers Poll Skews On The Ancient Side

Posted by on September 20, 2012

Hey guys, do you like Black Sabbath and Metallica? Apparently, Rolling Stone readers do. In fact, those two bands comprise six of the top ten albums in their reader’s poll of the top ten metal bands of all time. But by “all time,” they really mean “of all time, but ending in 1991.” This is extremely […]

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Even Metallica Can’t Make A Profit From Royalties Anymore

Posted by on May 22, 2012

Thanks to their battle with Napster, Metallica have often been stereotyped as “greedy rockstars” who are “wealthy beyond belief.” So it might be hard to think that Metallica would do anything that wouldn’t see a return in profit. However, in an interview with Rolling Stone (in which Metallica appear on the subscriber’s special issue cover), […]

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Against Me! Singer Tom Gabel: Mina Caputo “An Inspiration”

Posted by on May 9, 2012

Mina Caputo (formerly known as Life Of Agony singer Keith Caputo) surprised many when she publicly came out as transgender. Now another vocalist has revealed plans to begin living as a woman: Tom Gabel from Against Me! In the latest issue of Rolling Stone Magazine (which hits newsstands on May 11), Gabel revealed that he/she has dealt […]

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Rush Streaming New Song “Headlong Flight” Online

Posted by on April 18, 2012

Rush is streaming a new song called “Headlong Flight” over at Rolling Stone’s website. The track will serve as the first single off of their new album Clockwork Angels.

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Limp Bizkit’s “Behind Blue Eyes” Named 2nd Worst Cover By Rolling Stone

Posted by on August 19, 2011

In Rolling Stone’s recent reader’s poll, Limp Bizkit’s rendition of “Behind Blue Eyes” was named the second worst cover of all time. Also making the list is Sheryl Crow’s cover of “Sweet Child O’ Mind” and Miley Cyrus’ cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” For once, we agree with Rolling Stone.

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Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett Reveal Favorite Albums And Songs From Past Decade

Posted by on December 10, 2009

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett have revealed their top 25 favorite albums and songs from the past decade in the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

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