We reported yesterday about the inclusion of Jonas Akerlund as director into the Lords of Chaos film project produced by Ridley Scott’s Scott Free London, RSA London and VICE, and it generated a polarizing outburst between fans of Mayhem, the book and the metal community in general, but the only relevant opinion happened late yesterday when Rolling Stone reached out to contact Mayhem’s bassist Necrobutcher to comment about the whole project and he conveyed his annoyance:

“This book Lords of Chaos is fucking crap and that some stupid Swedes are gonna make a movie out of it is not OK, I will do everything I can to stop this film…. Tell the Swedes and the Hollywood people to go fuck themselves.”

On the same note, Necrobutcher mentions that a Norwegian company called Motion Blur has the rights to his story and that he has been spending time collaborating on a script for the film.