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Metallica 3D Movie Officially Confirmed

Posted by on January 6, 2012

One of the biggest postss we wrote last year concerned Metallica releasing a 3D movie, a rumor the band themselves shot down. Well now James, Kirk, Lars and the guy from Infectious Grooves have got to be eating their words, as the band’s website announced today that sometime next year, it’s going to become a […]

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Metallica 3D Movie In The Works, For Real This Time (Allegedly)

Posted by on October 24, 2011

The last time we heard that Metallica was working on a 3D concert movie, it turned out to be untrue. However, Deadline is normally a very reliable source for movie news, and they’re reporting that Metallica is indeed planning to self-finance a 3D film. In fact, Metallica has reportedly hired producer Charlotte Huggins (best known […]

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Metallica To Release 3D Concert Movie

Posted by on March 23, 2011

[Update: Reports of a Metallica 3D film have turned out to be false. Read here to learn more.] When you went to see Justin Bieber’s 3D concert movie, did you think to yourself “Gosh darn it, I wish he was older and there were four of them!”? Oh, you didn’t see the film in theaters? […]

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