Metallica 3D Movie In The Works, For Real This Time (Allegedly)

Posted by on October 24, 2011

The last time we heard that Metallica was working on a 3D concert movie, it turned out to be untrue. However, Deadline is normally a very reliable source for movie news, and they’re reporting that Metallica is indeed planning to self-finance a 3D film. In fact, Metallica has reportedly hired producer Charlotte Huggins (best known for 3D films like Journey to the Center of the Earth) to work on the movie.

Before you get excited about the possibility of seeing Lars Ulrich’s drum stick pointed directly at you in 3D, we need to remind you that none of this has been confirmed by Metallica yet. Plus, while we’d expect that a 3D Metallica film would be some sort of concert movie, it also wouldn’t be the first time they threw a curve ball at us (please God, don’t let them make a 3D documentary on Lulu). While paying $15 for 3D glasses and a movie ticket seems like a rip off when Metallica look just as good in 2D on YouTube, it could still be a pretty cool metal moviegoing experience akin to seeing the Big 4 movie last year.

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