Metallica To Release 3D Concert Movie

Posted by on March 23, 2011

Metallica In 2D

[Update: Reports of a Metallica 3D film have turned out to be false. Read here to learn more.]

When you went to see Justin Bieber’s 3D concert movie, did you think to yourself “Gosh darn it, I wish he was older and there were four of them!”? Oh, you didn’t see the film in theaters? Yeah, neither did I…

But anyway, metal fans will get to experience the 3D concert experience without feeling embarrassment as a 3D Metallica concert film is on its way. Front Row Networks has announced plans to distribute several hours worth of Metallica concert footage into 3D and 2D releases. Details regarding when and how exactly the films will be released have yet to be revealed. Metallica joins Alice In Chains as among heavier acts dabbling in the world of 3D movies. Alice In Chains had their Seattle stop during the BlackDiamondSkye filmed in 3D back in October, though release details for that project too are still unknown.

This is probably going to surprise no one, but in no way will 3D movies replace the in-person concert experience (I’ll wait a moment for the shock to wear off). But nonetheless, it’s still pretty cool that you might get the chance to see a Metallica 3D movie in movie theaters. I’ll admit that part of the fun of attending The Big Four screening was the possibility of The Karate Kid being shown on the screen next door. Not the average occurrence, wouldn’t you agree? Oh, and seeing Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax performing on a large screen was pretty awesome as well! It all comes down to whether you’re willing to pay over $15 bucks for 3D goggles and a movie ticket, or if 2D YouTube videos of Metallica live are enough to hold you over until they tour again. Your choice. While there might be two or three people that really want to see the band way up close and personal, the thought of dodging James Hetfield’s goatee sweat and having Lars point a drum stick RIGHT AT YOU just doesn’t seem too exciting from where we’re coming from.

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