Opeth And Porcupine Tree Frontmen’s Project To See The Light Of Day

Posted by on September 26, 2011

Prog metal fans probably know by now that Opeth’s Mikael Akerfeldt, Mike Portnoy, and Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson have been working on a new project together called Storm Corrosion. The last major update we’ve heard about the super group, though, was that Portnoy was no longer involved. However, now we’ve learned that recording for Storm Corrosion’s debut album has been completed and will be released in April 2012.

Opeth posted the following about Akerfeldt and Wilson’s collaboration on their official website:

“The long awaited collaboration between Mikael Akerfeldt and Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) is finally being completed. The project goes under the name of ‘Storm Corrosion’ and will have a self-titled record out in April 2012 through a yet unnamed label. This album could be seen as the final part in the odd trilogy of records completed by Heritage and Steven Wilson’s brand new solo album Grace For Drowning Read more on Steve Wilson’s latest venture at gracefordrowning.com

Though Opeth’s post didn’t reveal the name of the label that will release this project, Wilson confirmed via a posting on Facebook that the collaboration would be released via Roadrunner Records (which just so happens to be Opeth and Porcupine Tree’s label home). Wilson also previously said that Storm Corrosion is very different from what both musicians have done before, saying they didn’t want to create a “prog-metal supergroup.” While it may be different than anything Opeth and Porcupine Tree have done, we’re still very much looking forward to hearing what this pairing has to offer.

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