Kvelertak Become A Trivial Pursuit Question

Posted by on May 29, 2012

It’s not unusual for some bands to release their own themed board games. But it’s equally (if not even more) impressive for a metal group to make it onto a Trivial Pursuit question card, especially when that band is Kvelertak.

The Norwegian black metal/punk band tweeted the picture above along with the caption “We made it to a Trivial Pursuit question card. There is nothing else to do or say.” Our translation skills aren’t the most amazing, but the question is about their song “Mjod,” asking something to the effect of “Which band sang “Odin gave us Suttung’s mead” in 2010?” It’s not exactly clear which particular Trivial Pursuit edition the card appears on, but it’s still extremely cool to see Kvelertak featured in pop culture. Almost as cool as Kvelertak beer.

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