Ever wanted to delve into the mind of a guy who jumps off balconies at shows? Alex McCormick, the man who jumped off a balcony at a Bring Me The Horizon show, has commented on the incident in a Facebook post after spending a week in jail following being charged with three counts of third degree assault.

Spoiler alert: he doesn’t regret it:

“Not that being in jail is cool or anything but it’s definitely hilarious, to me, to see how people twist things. It’s a hardcore/punk culture atmosphere. If you didn’t come to the show to get wild and have a good time then why would you even show up? Stay home, nigga. People are moshing; punching each other in the face, kicking each other. People crowd surfing on people i.e. Far more wreckless behavior than my incident; ‘I jump. You catch me’. Lol, can’t believe I spent a week in jail for this bogusness considering the ‘victims’ were released from the hospital with no injuries according to a DT. Pff wha ever dude. I gotta mic handed to me and got to help close out a set to one of my favorite bands (letlive). I got to jump off a 20ft balcony and be caught by numerous, eager, fellow funtime havers. I don’t regret it. I’ll remember that day for as long as I live. Welcome to genuine hardcore and punk culture, Colorado! #508”

Also, he’s actually more of a fan of letlive., as evidenced in a more recent post regarding a story on Lambgoat, saying he is being “slandered”:

How to get slandered, taken out of context and harassed: Go to see letlive. have more fun then most people just standing around, not reacting to the band they came to see. lol.

Adding to the comments in that thread, he said:

 not to be a dick, but if you attend a show with hardcore/punk atmosphere;moshng, stage diving, etc…and you’re just standing around, NOT reacting, what’s the point of even going. these shows are suppose to be wild and fun… i went to see circa survive/tool or something i’d be chillin hard don’t get me wrong, that’s how I feel that kinda music but yeah, hc/punk live-music, thats a different story. Denver PD/oden theater is gonna have a field day when converge/tui/backtrack and bands like that come to town

First off, it’s not slander if it’s true. This guy leaped off a balcony and hurt people and has no remorse whatsoever. Second, moshing and crowd surfing are far less reckless than leaping from a balcony. If people don’t want to participate in such activities, they can move away from them, but they won’t expect a body to fall onto them from above either. Third…well, do we really need to say much more? We’re not going to assassinate the guy’s character – he seems to be doing a fine job himself.