Anthrax’s Scott Ian doesn’t like streaming at all

Posted by on September 22, 2015

Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta is continuing to bring in the A-listers to his podcast. His most recent episode featured Anthrax rhythm guitarist and frequent VH1 talking head Scott Ian, who gave an update on the next Anthrax album (they’re done writing and have 12 songs, the majority of which will make the album). He also said that the band were offered a spot on this Summer’s Mayhem Fest, but turned it down because they weren’t being offered enough money. That aligns with Kevin Lyman’s story that the artists got greedy (which was in his infamous “gray bald and fat” interview as well):

“We were offered to be on that ‘Mayhem‘—we turned them down cause the money was too low. We were like ‘no, like that’s ridiculous.’ ‘Well there’s no money.’ Well that’s not our problem, why are we going to go out and get paid less than we’re worth, that’s insane.”

But Ian’s really got some opinions about streaming. He doesn’t have Spotify, and while he’s not trying to return to a simpler time and getting people to stop doing it, he’s not a fan. At two points during the show, he spoke about streaming:

“I don’t have Spotify, I don’t stream, I don’t do any of that. So I am ignorant to that… Like all the old Island [Records] catalog, is “Among The Living” on Spotify? I have no idea. If it is I’m sure we’re not making any money off it.

Even if we had the best deal in the world we still wouldn’t be seeing any money from Spotify. So that’s why when I hear musicians use Spotify I’m like really? You’re supporting a company that’s ripping you off. ‘Yeah but it’s so easy to just have your music.’ I’m like ‘it’s really easy to have my music without Spotify.’ I just never got that. You know this company is fucking you ,yet you’re still OK with using it, that’s weird to me.”

“I get it, it’s how a lot of the people on the planet get their music now. And I’m not against that, I wouldn’t say don’t put our records on there because I understand it now. It’s like yeah, great, you’re listening, that’s how you’re getting out our music and then maybe you’re gonna go buy a ticket next time we come through.

I get that, I totally get it. On the other side of that, I’m still the guy who… I came from the era where you could actually have a platinum album. How many records have been platinum in America last year? [Jasta proceeds to mention Taylor Swift] That’s a fucking joke, so take your streaming and shove it up your ass is how I truly feel about it.

But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna be a caveman, you know what I mean and say ‘we’re not streaming.’ I want our music to get out there, I want as many people to get exposed to it as possible.”

At least he understands that streaming is how people listen to music these days. Ian should consider himself lucky though. He’s had gold albums in the past, and is in a position, as stated above, where he can turn down tours that don’t make him or Anthrax enough money (even if it’s at the expense of John Bush). There are many musicians that are nowhere near as fortunate. Also, we’re in the early days of streaming. The more people do it – particularly premium subscribers – the more artists and musicians will get paid. At least that’s the way it’s hypothetically supposed to be. You can stream (hahahaha) the podcast below.

[via and transcription from theprp]

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