State Your Band

We know there’s several great bands in every corner of our country, waiting to be discovered by the entire metal community but it’s a tough task to do on its own. We know the struggle, therefore, we decided to compile some of the most notable bands from each area in our new segment, State Your City.

Florida is known for birthing some of the most influential death metal bands in North America during the early 90’s, but there’s more bands brewing within its state-line and we want to shine some light on some of the best there are. If you don’t see your favorite band listed below, let us know in the comments and we may include them in our next installment.

Meanwhile, we can start with our first entry, courtesy of Vile Productions promoter, Elsie Bordon:

thrash or die


Thrash or Die

In the nine years they’ve been active, Miami’s THRASH OR DIE have gone on to possibly become the most well known pure thrash metal band to come from the South Florida region. With a strong fanbase here at home, and an even larger (and constantly growing) fanbase throughout the world, Thrash or Die are one one of the great warriors of the neo-thrash movement spearheaded by bands like Municipal Waste, Evile, and Gama Bomb. And with the 2013 additions of legendary drummer Alex “Thunderhammer” Marquez (of Solstice/Malevolent Creation/Demolition Hammer fame), and young Ryan “Nightcrawler” Taylor (from Solstice, Condition Critical, and the equally impressive Miami thrash act Atomik) to the band’s lineup, their sound only became heavier. With a third full-length album already in the works, and more international touring planned for the future, the team of Dr. Fukk, Thunderhammer, Nightcrawler, and Mosh (Josh Gibbs – Bassist of Solstice) have made it very apparent that the poser holocaust will continue melting skulls for a long time to come. Also check out: Atomik, Solstice, Combat




One of the most underrated names to emerge from the Sunshine State, HELLWITCH easily ranks alongside the likes of legendary names Morbid Angel, Deicide, and Obituary as one of the best bands to come from the old-school Florida death metal scene. Having survived for 32 years as of 2016, it’s shocking to think that this band never achieved the status of their aforementioned peers. With only two full length albums to their name, and a number of demos & EP’s as well, one thing that’s always set Hellwitch apart from the others was the level of technicality they implemented in their music. Now, with a new drummer in their ranks, Hellwitch has been playing out and even touring much more frequently than they have in the past few years. And with more live shows on the horizon it looks like nothing can stop Hellwitch from plugging along at the hypersonic speed they always have. Also check out: Athiest, Nocturnus A.D.

caveman cult

Caveman Cult

Having risen from the underground almost overnight, CAVEMAN CULT has set out on a warpath with only one goal in mind: Total annihilation. Taking the classic war metal sound pioneered by the likes of Blasphemy, Conqueror, and Proclamation, Caveman Cult adds their own Neanderthal themed twist to an already savage genre. And upon its release in the fall of 2014, their 5-track EP spread like wildfire through the black metal underground. With their full length album officially out as of May, a string of west coast dates lined up for August of this year, and a special appearance at Chicago’s Cathedral of the Black Goat festival in October, it will be no time at all before Caveman Cult destroys the world, crushing and bludgeoning everyone and everything in their path. Also check out: Gnosis, Vomikaust