Spotify playlist: Fusion guitarist Jason Kui’s “Headbanging All Night” playlist

Posted by on October 12, 2017

Tomorrow (13) fusion guitarist Jason Kui will be releasing his debut album, Absence of Words, on Prosthetic. This will be the first time the album will be available outside of Hong Kong. The axeman says his influences include Eddie Van Halen and John Petrucci, and he’s been a session musician since 23. While he may not be all that well-known in America, he just finished a two year tour as the guitarist for Hong Kong singer Eason Chan, that bought him around the world, including a stop at Madison Square Garden. On the eve of the album’s release here in the states, Kui has shared a Spotify playlist with us that he calls his “Headbanging All Night” list. Give it a listen in the player below, then preorder the album here


Dream Theater, “As I Am” 

This is probably one of the heaviest songs by Dream Theater, and the guitar solo is killer!  When you hear the song starts, you will have to make that heavy metal face!

Dream Theater, “The Mirror” 

You can feel the heaviness and the heavy metal rage from the first 3 notes of the guitar intro.  I can’t imagine how big the impact was how it came out in 1994.

Monuments, “Atlas”

Monuments is one of the kings of that kind of metal with heavy groove.  Whenever I play this song, people around me will bang their heads til the song finishes.


Periphery, “Have a Blast”

This song is not only heavy, the groove is so driving.  I can memorize all the accents and hits in the song! I am still learning that ripping solo by my guitar idol, Guthrie Govan.

Intervals,Moment Marauder”

The tempo of this song is perfect for head banging. There is a hint of Latin groove in the middle of the song. Drums is the spot in it.

Nothing More, “This Is The Time (Ballast)”

I remember when I saw this song live few years ago. Every time when I hear it play, I still can feel the dynamic.  And the melody is so catchy that can be stuck in your head for years.

Lamb of God, “Redneck”

Although this song doesn’t have any guitar solo, it has one of the coolest guitar riffs.  If you ask me what heavy metal sounds like, this is it.


Protest the Hero, “Bloodmeat”

The groove of this song is just thrashing. Plus that extremely hooky chorus. I am a big of fan of theirs since this song came out.

Angra, “Angels and Demons”

This song is FAST! I am a fan of Angra’s since I was 15. I remember when this song came out, I was so amazed by the guitar solo in the intro. Til today, it’s still one of my favorite songs.

Animals as Leaders, “Physical Education”

Tosin brings funky groove into modern metal. He is a genius and a pioneer. And this song is the first song of theirs I listened to.

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