The final assault: Nuclear Assault have called it a day; band disappears from social media

Posted by on November 21, 2022


In 2015, thrash metal giants Nuclear Assault assured their performance at Heavy Montreal that same year would be their “final assault.” Here we are, seven years and several performances later; it appears the final assault occurred this past September at the Electric Ballroom in London, England. Yesterday (20th), if you made it to social media, you’d notice the band shared an image stating, “R.I.P Nuclear Assault – 1985-2022.” Shortly after their social media reveal, the group apparently deleted or disabled their Facebook page. It also looks like all their Instagram posts have evaporated to the black hole metaverse. All that is left are those who captured a screenshot or downloaded the final image itself. 

While this isn’t entirely a surprise since they’ve promised “the final assault” would take place over the last seven years, and they have called it quits before and returned a few times since their initial split in 1995. However, with the tombstone added to the image, this could be it. At least for now.




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