Guitarist Glen Drover Quits Geoff Tate’s Version Of Queensryche

Posted by on November 26, 2012

When Geoff Tate first announced his “all-star” version of Queensryche, we predicted that at least one member would leave before entering the studio. As it turns out, the first departure has occurred even before Tate’s lineup has taken the stage.

Roughly three months after Tate announced his new lineup, guitarist Glen Drover has announced his departure from Queensryche. Drover revealed the news via the following statement:

“I am really sorry to say that I have decided to bow out of Geoff Tate’s Queensryche. I was very excited about doing this gig initially, but learned in the past week or so that it’s in my best interest not to do this right now. I feel really bad for those who were excited about the idea, and to Geoff himself, who, I have to say, was very nice to me on my past trip to Seattle. I, of course, am very disappointed for arriving at this point, and making this decision, to say the least. I sincerely wish the Geoff and the band all the luck on what they do in the future.”

It’s hard not to speculate what drama might have led to Drover’s departure considering it comes before he ever had a chance to play a single show. However, it’s likely not in Drover’s “best interest” to play in Tate’s Queensryche is because of the singer’s current legal battle with his former bandmates over the name. And we have to admit that we’re somewhat disappointed by this news. Drover had a solid runs in both Megadeth and King Diamond, proving he could possibly record some decent stuff with Tate. Oh well, at least the other version of Queensryche is showing promise.

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