Geoff Tate Reveals Lineup To His Version Of Queensryche

Posted by on September 4, 2012

Last month, Geoff Tate let it be known that he wasn’t going to let a court ruling or his former bandmates slow him down by confirming that he would be embarking on a “2013 Queensryche Anniversary Tour.” And now we know who exactly will be joining the singer in his “all-star” version of Queensryche.

This past weekend, Tate revealed that his lineup of Queensryche would include bassist Rudy Sarzo (ex-Quiet Riot/Ozzy Osbourne/Dio), drummer Bobby Blotzer (Ratt), guitarist Glen Drover (ex-Megadeth/King Diamond), guitarist Kelly Gray (who was in Queensryche from 1998 to 2001), and keyboardist Randy Gane. However, the statement Tate posted on Queensryche’s website indicates one thing: that this lineup of Queensryche is not just a touring project.

Here’s what Tate had to say when announcing the “new” Queensryche:

“I’m sure the last few months have been very frustrating for you. I know they have been for me. There are so many questions and so few answers.

It is said that adversity makes one stronger. Well, I’m definitely in a better place now than I’ve ever been before. I feel very positive and excited. The challenge, when you’re in a creative environment, is keeping things fresh and invigorating, and after working with the same people for thirty years, it gets very difficult—You walk into the room, and everybody knows what everyone is going to do. There’s no spark, the chemistry is very tried and true and you just keep coming up with the same ways of expressing yourself.

Today is a new day and I am thrilled to announce the new Queensryche. Joining me are: Rudy Sarzo, Bobby Blotzer, Glen Drover, Kelly Gray and Randy Gane. Together we shall embark on a new musical journey that will be a greater extension of where Queensrÿche has ever been.

With this new project, with these new people, it’s a whole new scene. There are new ideas, different musical backgrounds and a whole new set of parameters. Everyone has ideas you haven’t heard before, and everyone is throwing them against the wall and suddenly … the music has a whole new life.

I look forward to this new life and I hope to see you on tour as all of us come together and begin this new era.”

Thus, it is official: there are now TWO versions of Queensryche. Hell, you can even read Tate’s statement above as him being in denial that he was even kicked out of the group to begin with. Now you may be asking yourself, “wait, didn’t he originally say that he had no interest in forming his own version of Queensryche?” and “if he’s going to be doing a solo tour and album this Fall, then why wouldn’t he just stick with that instead of forming his own version of the group?” Both are reasonable questions, but considering that his court case didn’t go the way he had hoped (which allows his former bandmates to continue using the name Queensryche), Tate’s decision was probably influenced by the following reasons:

-He wants to ensure that the brand and legacy of “Queensryche” isn’t tarnished by the other version.

-Forming his own version of Queensryche is his attempt at screwing Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, and Scott Rockenfield out of potential business with their version.

To be frank, we’d place our bets on the second reason being the main motive behind Tate’s move. Tate has been obviously pissed about getting kicked out, too pissed to notice that having two versions of Great White and L.A. Guns did more damage to each group than good. And sure, he can probably do well as a solo artist singing his old band’s songs (it’s been working for Sebastian Bach). However, he also knows damn well that when push comes to shove, promoters will likely be more tempted to book the “Queensryche” featuring Tate (and highly notable musicians, mind you) over the other version featuring three of the five original members, at for least the immediate future.

It’s a smart (and mean) business tactic on Tate’s end, and something we would definitely be concerned of if we were Wilton, Jackson or Rockenfield (especially considering that Tate still has control over the band’s original website and Facebook page). Now all that remains to be seen is which version of Queensryche fans will actually choose.

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