Dance Gavin Dance Part Ways With Jonny Craig

Posted by on August 21, 2012

Jonny Craig can’t seem to stay out of trouble (most recently while on tour). And now it looks like the singer can’t seem to stay in a band either. That’s because it appears that Dance Gavin Dance have replaced Craig with another singer.

Dance Gavin Dance have yet to actually comment on supposedly ousting Craig. However, the singer himself confirmed the news via a series of posts on Twitter last night (August 20), saying:

“DGD wants to go harder and I don’t, so they have found another singer. The All Stars tour shit just kinda rushed what was gonna happen anyway… It was just time to go another way. I love the dudes and the band but I feel I’m made for more then what I’ve been doing… I respect DGD and whatever they do. It’s better this way. Trust meeeeeee folksssss… I’m sure whoever they get will sing my songs perfectly… I respect what they want and I know I’m going to move forward like always.”

He later reiterated that the split was not by his choice, tweeting “Guys. I did not decide this DGD move. I respect what they want and I know I’m going to move forward like always.” While we would’ve guessed that his exit from The All Stars Tour had a role in the split, it’s interesting to hear Craig imply that this was bound to happen. This is also interesting since following Craig’s being arrested for possession of narcotics, guitarist Will Swan said they wouldn’t continue without him. In fact, the band seemed to be done for good, only to continue with Craig intact for the tour.

Whatever the reason may be, it looks certain that Dance Gavin Dance have moved on from Craig.

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