Dance Gavin Dance’s Jonny Craig Kicked Off Of The All Stars Tour

Posted by on August 13, 2012

Dance Gavin Dance singer Jonny Craig’s legal woes and drug addiction have been well noted. That’s why it’s somewhat scandalous to hear that the singer will not remain on The All Stars Tour, even though his band will.

Early Saturday evening, the touring festival announced via Facebook that “Dance Gavin Dance will remain on the tour but without Jonny Craig.” The announcement comes a few hours after Sumerian Records head/ tour organizer Ash Avildsen posted the following tweet:

@jonnycraig4L Yo you drug addict low class thief. You have 5 minutes to apologize to everyone you have wronged on@TheAllStarsTour or urgone”

Shortly after, Craig confirmed that Dance Gavin Dance was continuing the tour without him in a series of tweets. One specific tweet read as follows:

“It’s not Important why I’m not on Allstars what is important is that it had nothin to do with drugs or booze.”

It’s still unclear as to what exactly happened. However, another post from Avildsen implies that the two have made amends via Twitter. Furthermore, it would appear that Suicide Silence bassist Dan Kenny was also involved in the incident in some way, tweeting the following apology to Avildsen that same day:

@ashavildsen sorry for all this crap! My knee is shot but I know Mr. Craig did not do it on purpose… He is just a butthole by default”

At this moment, Dance Gavin Dance have yet to officially comment on the matter. And whatever the reasoning may be behind Craig’s departure from the tour, it’s still a sad turn of events for the band that’s had one rollercoaster of a year.

[via The PRP]

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