Losing a loved one is never easy. However, the British metalcore group Shields, have spent the majority of this year getting through the loss of guitarist George Christie, who passed away earlier this year. The group pushed through their obstacles to release their debut album Life In Exile as well as booking shows. Unfortunately, the band decided they can no longer continue.

Shields shared the following statement:

In January we suffered the loss of our best friend and brother. Since then we’ve played shows big and small, filmed and dropped a new music video and released our debut album “Life In Exile” followed by a truly amazing and gratifying hometown album launch show in London surrounded by friends, family and fans.

While we are proud of all of this, sadly we no longer find happiness from being in Shields. Despite our commitment and drive to make Shields the biggest success it can be, every band practice, show, administrative and organisational decision we make is coloured by the death of George and with that comes inevitable pain.

For our health we have decided to end Shields. Our final tour will be supporting Oceans Ate Alaska & Kingdom Of Giants this month across the United Kingdom and a handful of shows in mainland Europe.

We want to thank the following people who have all contributed to shields achievements in some

form or another. A band is so much more than 4-5 members that play shows…

Josh Korel, Jeremiah Scarim, Angelo Pandolfi, Oli Duncanson, Chris Porter, Zak Pinchin, Daniel Kerr, Christoph Wieczorek, Peter Leukhardt, George Lever, Paula Nahlen, Jamie-lee Underwood, Martin Huynh, Connor Sweeney, Benjamin Black, Andre Caudebec, Toyan St.Hilare, Maarten Jansen, Liam Byrne, Jan Philip Katzbach, Florian Kreutzfeldt, Matt Benton, James Monteith, Houston Robertson.

We don’t know what the future holds for us individually when it comes to music, we will all continue to write music in some way or another. Time will tell.

Come see us live one last time this month with Oceans Ate Alaska and Kingdom Of Giants. – oceansatealaska.co.uk

Thank you all again, so much.

Sam, Joe, Alex, Lawrence.


2011 – 2018”