Apple’s iTunes based social network site Ping has been less than successful. In addition to technical problems such as spammers, a majority of people simply haven’t been using it. But a new partnership is hoping to fix that, as Ping and Twitter have officially integrated. Users with accounts on both sites can now sync the two so that all of your activities on Ping will be tweeted. The tweets will also include reviews, links to songs in the iTunes store and audio samples of the music you recommend via Ping.

This isn’t necessarily revolutionary, or is going to help Ping become a household name. It will, though, potentially increase the number of users, or at least open the site to a larger world. Ping knew that they had to integrate with some other social network, seeing as how they were trying to basically do the same deal with Facebook even before Ping was made public. Though Facebook is definitely the dominate social network site, don’t underestimate Twitter’s power. The question is, though, will you be more enticed to use Ping, or even buy a song from iTunes, if it came in the form of a Tweet? Regardless, with only 2,000 artists signed up so far, they’ve still got a ways to go on the back end.

A demo of the new service that Twitter posted on their blog can be viewed above.

[via DigitalTrends.com and DigitalMusicNews.com]