Faith No More launch Twitter account, promise to get “little creative”

Posted by on May 30, 2014

Faith No More broke up in 1998, about nine years after their breakthrough album The Real Thing, and while a lot of people still cared about them. When they reunited several years ago for a few years of tours, they made no promises of new music, nor have they since. However, the band have officially launched their own Twitter account as of yesterday. While it’s ostensibly to promote their summer tour dates, a somewhat cryptic first message hints that more might be happening. “The reunion thing was fun, but not it’s time to get a little creative,” it reads in part.

We’re reading into this a little, of course, but this suggests that FNM are doing something beyond just reuniting and playing shows. That “something” could be as minor as screwing around with a Twitter account as a band. Until yesterday, the closest Faith No More had to a Twitter account was bassist Billy Gould‘s account. And judging from the accompanying picture of Mike Patton, it does seem like they might have fun with the account. But given that earlier this year, Patton said the reunion had “petered out,” it’s interesting to see that the band would not only be touring again, but launching social media. Doesn’t seem like something a band that’s just doing a bit of summer touring would do.

Carcass and Godflesh proved that making comeback music can be done gracefully, as opposed to an irrelevant cash grab. And Faith No More haven’t released a bad album yet. If they were to make another album, they’d probably have pretty high quality control, as their legacy is pretty unsullied so far. Looks like we’ll have to wait to find out what this means, but there are plenty of Faith No More fanatics hanging on every tweet.


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