Trek Label Society: The Photo And Video

Posted by on January 31, 2011

Our readers thought Zach was a little harsh last week when it was announced that Zakk Wylde would be making an appearance on William Shatner’s forthcoming album for a cover of “Iron Man.” I agree. William Shatner isn’t so much a singer as a spoken word artist, and any ill will towards him should be erased by listening to his cover of “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” or his take on Blur’s “Common People.” In addition, “I Can’t Get Behind That,” his collaboration with Henry Rollins, is a free jazz freakout that’s pure gold where the two trade rants for three minutes. In short, the man’s a national treasure, and it’s not like Zakk isn’t used to playing with elderly vocalists. At any rate, here’s what the two looked like and sounded like in Zakk’s studio.


Check out “I Can’t Get Behind That” after the jump. [photo credit: Eric Hendrikx]

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