When we discussed who we’d love to see collaborate in some way in last week’s Headbangers’ Brawl, this was not what we had in mind. USA Today is reporting that Ozzy Osbourne will appear in a Super Bowl commercial for Best Buy with Justin Bieber. No word on what the two will actually be doing together, but it’ll probably be painful to watch either way. Even if Ozzy bites Bieber’s little head off, it’s still more screen time than I’d rather be watch of the teen heartthrob. Making this a tad more awkward, though, is that when jokingly asked if he listens to Bieber by Mark Hoppus during an interview on Fuse TV, the Prince Of Darkness replied “Who the fuck is Justin Bieber?” Way to go, Oz (you can see the video of him making the comment above).

However, even Ozzy’s upcoming commercial seems normal compared to what his old guitarist Zakk Wylde is up to. The BLS mainman has recorded a cover of “Iron Man” with (drum roll please)…William Shatner! That’s right, Wylde will appear on Captain Kirk’s new rock cover album Seeking Major Tom, set to be released sometime this year via Cleopatra Records. The Star Trek star confirmed the odd pairing via his Twitter account, saying in two separate tweets:

“Just watched tracks being laid down by Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society for my upcoming record Seeking Major Tom.

Zakk is one of the great guitarists who played with Ozzy Osbourne. A master playing a cover of “Iron Man”. He’s fantastic! I’m energized.”

As we’ve mentioned before, Mr. Wylde is no stranger to making bad choices in collaborations, but this is just bizarre. On the one hand, it’s cool that Shatner actually went out of his way to get someone as talented as Wylde to perform on the cover. But on the other hand, it’s weird  to even think of Shatner incredulously talking his way through “Iron Man,” let alone hearing that Zakk Wylde will be joining him. In a weird way, Shatner and Wylde’s collab almost makes this duet look normal…almost. We’ve included Shat’s incredible take on the Beatles’ “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” after the jump.[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AB3uVARNhmM[/youtube]