The Melvins’ Tour Van With Kurt Cobain’s KISS Artwork Up For Auction

Posted by on March 5, 2012

Many die-hard fans of both the Melvins and Nirvana will likely recognize the 1972 Dodge Sportsman Royal van seen the picture off to the side. Best known as the “MELVAN,” was one of the Melvins’ very first touring vans and has been featured in numerous books and documentaries about Nirvana.

What connection does it have to Nirvana, you ask? Well, see the KISS memorial on the side of the van? That was drawn by Kurt Cobain himself using sharpie markers shoplifted from the Thriftway grocery store King Buzzo was working at in Montesano, WA. Plus, Cobain supposedly drove the van himself to numerous local gigs.

And now the “MELVAN” can be yours! The original touring van is currently up for auction via eBay. In addition to the van, the highest bidder will also receive two former registrations signed by Buzzo and former Melvins’ bassist Matt Lukin. At this moment, the current bid is $6,100 while the deadline is March 13.

So do you want to take your chance and bid for a highly coveted Melvins/Nirvana collectors’ item? Head over to the auction’s eBay page now and find out more.

[via The Daily Swarm and Spin]

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