Tom Araya’s daughter responds to meme; the Jenners rock Slayer shirts

Posted by on June 16, 2014

arayaYesterday was Father’s Day, as those that have fathers or are fathers were all aware. Perfect opportunity to dust off a dad-related meme or two, right? That’s what iHeartRadio did yesterday with the picture of Tom Araya and his family taken at the Grammy Awards a few years back. “You could be in Slayer and your teenaged daughter will still think you’re lame,” the meme reads. The picture show the Araya family, all of whom are smiling, with Ariel looking on like she’s seen her dad throw the horns more than once. It didn’t take long for Ariel herself to chime in on the meme, stating “lol you guys are idiots. You don’t know me.” Some commenters were unaware, with one stating “we prefer to pretend celebs and their families don’t actually exist. that way, we can laugh without the guilt. You are ruining the fun.” “Well, that’s me. Fun ruiner,” Araya replied. She’s obviously proud of her dad, as are countless people that aren’t in the Araya family.

Meanwhie, we’ve never seen an episode of Keeping up With the Kardashians – you could say that we don’t keep up with it. However, when not one, but both of the daughters of Bruce and Kris Jenner have popped up in recent photos wearing separate Slayer shirts, that means one of two things: either the two are rebelling against being reality show darlings with their half sister that’s married to Kanye West or their highly paid and probably bored stylist is a Slayer fan. Either way, it’d be fun to find one or both of the daughters, who are 16 and 18, and ask them what their favorite Slayer song is. We’d bet neither even know “Angel of Death.”



[h/t Zena Metal]

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