Ok, so you’re probably sick and tired of hearing Lady Gaga’s name mentioned all the time. And you’re probably even more fed up that we at Metal Insider keep talking about how she’s actually a metalhead. But in case seeing Gaga posing for pictures with Bruce Dickinson and Nicko McBrain back stage at Iron Maiden’s Florida show wasn’t enough proof for you, then check out what she told Rolling Stone.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, the “Judas” singer had the following to say about her experience seeing Iron Maiden live in Florida and how it was a life changing experience:

“I went to see Iron Maiden the other night, and I actually watched the show from a box,” Lady Gaga can be heard saying in the clip. “And we were laughing as we walked — it was me and my two best friends… as we were walking into the box, we had a bunch of drinks, we were all going, ‘This is so not metal, to be in a box.’ [laughs] So we watched most of the show from the box and then we were gonna go meet the band. And we went down during ‘The Number Of The Beast’. And when we got there, I grabbed Lady Starlight and I said, ‘Let’s go,’ and we just booked it into the center of the crowd. And we were dancing and singing and everyone was just so into it. And it was one of the first times I’ve been able to just be at a rock concert in a long time . . .

People did recognize me, but it was so kind and warm and awesome. I mean, Iron Maiden is all about, ‘We don’t care who our fans are. We love everybody.’ . . . I guess what I’m trying to say is the devotion of the fans moving in unison, pumping their fists, watching the show, when I see that, I see the paradigm for my future and the relationship I want to have with my fans. Iron Maiden’s never had a hit song, and they tour stadiums around the world, and their fans live, breathe and die for Maiden, and that is my dream. That is my dream. And not only that, but when we got into the crowd, there was no pretension…

I’m a pop singer — I didn’t know what it would be like in a crowd of a Maiden [fans]; everybody was hugging me, high-fiving, fistpumps in the air… ‘Oh, it’s so cool you’re at Maiden.’ Jumping and dancing… I mean, it was like absolute no judgment, no prejudice, freedom and love for music. It doesn’t matter who you are; you don’t need to know anything about music to love it. And it was just so… It was just awesome… Maiden changed my life.”

You may not be a big fan of the pop star’s music, but you have to admit that this is pretty cool. We’re not trying to say that Gaga is now officially one of the biggest metal heads out there in music. However, it’s pretty awesome that a major mainstream star such as Gaga shared with a magazine like Rolling Stone how influential Maiden is to her. Ok, so maybe Maiden’s influence isn’t obvious in her music, but it’s obviously that Gaga isn’t just some pop star who knows a song or two by them. Plus, it’s awesome to hear someone like her not only pay respect to a legendary band like Maiden, but also to Maiden’s fans in attendance. So major props and devil horns to Lady Gaga! Maybe we’ll bump into you at one of Judas Priest’s upcoming North American shows?

You can listen to an audio clip of Gaga entire discussion about Iron Maiden after the jump.