Lady Gaga Continues To Pay Respect To The Masters

Posted by on May 17, 2011

It’s been well-documented that Lady Gaga is a fan of classic metal via her interactions with KISS, Saxon and Anthrax. While every one of her career moves is calculated, she’s really got nothing to gain by saying she likes metal, so it’s pretty obvious she genuinely likes the stuff. And it should come as no surprise that someone so devoted to image and performance would be influenced by the spectacle of a KISS or Iron Maiden show.

While we already documented her hang with Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain, she also had an opportunity to meet frontman Bruce Dickinson at their Florida show. While she’s all performance, Bruce seems more concerned with putting his shirt on than posing for a shot with the “Born This Way” singer. Maybe he’s annoyed she called her latest single “Judas” and not “Maiden?” At any rate, sure, Lady, we get it. You like metal. Now how about getting on board with a metal band that came out after 1983? She’s like Eddie Trunk with a rack….

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