Lady Gaga’s Maiden Pic, Album Cover Confirm Her Metal Cred

Posted by on April 18, 2011

We’ve already documented that Lady Gaga has links to the metal community. Whether it’s tearing into a burger at Kuma’s Corner while quoting Saxon, hanging with Mr. Cooper, or chilling with KISS, she’s definitely putting her money where her mouth is when it comes to supporting ’80s metal. So it was no surprise to find out via Brian Slagel’s Twitter account that she was at the Iron Maiden show in Tampa yesterday. Slagel’s guest Chris Barnes even took a blurry picture of her rocking out in the suite next to his. Of course the pop superstar got a chance to go backstage and meet the band after the show, as she used Twitter to post a pic of herself with drummer Nicko McBrain.

If that didn’t give her metal cred, maybe cover of her new album, Born This Way, will. In the pic, featured below, Gaga is fused with a motorcycle. In short, it looks like the combination of every Judas Priest album from the ’80s. A friend that works for a top 40 radio station says that after posting the cover – which also came directly from Gaga’s Twitter account – listeners deluged the station’s site saying there was no way the cover wasn’t a fake. There are even news stories about how much fans hate the cover. From a metal standpoint, it’s pretty great to see her love of ’80s metal may have helped inform her album art, even if it hasn’t influenced her music yet. Born This Way comes out on May 24th. Check out the cover after the jump and tell us what you think.

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