Kim-Kardashian-MetallicaKim Kardashian has a lot of keeping up to do if she wants to upstage her stepfather, Caitlyn. That being said, she just announced that she was pregnant with her second child, and was recently spotted out for a walk with her daughter, North. Vogue called what she was wearing a “rocker moment,” mainly because she was wearing a leather jacket and a Metallica shirt.

But it wasn’t just any Metallica shirt. Metal Injection did some digging and found that the “Metal Up Your Ass” design of the shirt is a super rare tour design. The closest thing they found was a designer selling a version of the shirt, the second T-shirt design that Metallica ever created in 1982, for $2,000. If you’re as rich as Kim/Kanye are, $2,000 isn’t all that much, but we have a theory as to why she might be wearing this design. Not because she’s an old school Metallica fan from back in ’82  (when she was 2), but because a stylist saw her husband’s recent tour shirt, which liberally borrows from Metallica’s logo.