Motley Crue To Play Las Vegas Residency In February?

Posted by on November 15, 2011

What could Motley Crue possibly have in common with the likes of Cher and Elton John? Well if rumors are true, then fans might get to catch the Crue in a short-term residency in Las Vegas.

According to Robin Leach of the Las Vegas Sun, Motley Crue will be performing a month long series of three-and four-night concerts a week at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas this coming February. Though both the band and casino are staying mum about the deal, an official announcement regarding the short-term residency will supposedly be made before Thanksgiving and right before they tour the UK with Def Leppard and Steel Panther.

On the one hand, this doesn’t come as much of a shocker considering that Las Vegas serves as singer Vince Neil’s home. It is, after all, the only town where Neil can get a lifetime achievement award AND accused of publicly fighting an ex girlfriend (which he accepted a plea for recently) within the same year. Plus, if there’s any hard rock band that can put on an over the top show that heavily uses pyro, half naked girls, and stage props, it’s Motley Crue. Maybe they’d be the perfect Las Vegas band after all.

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