What’s Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler up to?

Posted by on November 29, 2016



While everyone in Lamb of God are a powerhouse, drummer Chris Adler has defined himself as not just one of the key members of the band, but also a utility player for other bands as well. The metal world was taken by surprise when Protest the Hero announced that he’d be drumming on their 2013 album Volition. A change in his Twitter handle to Chrisadlermusic suggested he might be taking freelancing a little more seriously, and last year, it was revealed that he would be drumming on Megadeth’s Dystopia

There’s no word on what Adler’s next project, but it’s… something. If you follow him on Twitter, he’s posted several kind of blurry shots promising “something big” happening tomorrow. Do you know what the hashtag #AGB means? Neither do we, but that’s in another of the tweets, and another hint is that the picture was taken last month in Illinois. What’s it all mean? Guess we’ll find out tomorrow.



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