Rumor: Nirvana members to reunite for Hall of Fame performance with…Joan Jett?

Posted by on April 9, 2014

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Here’s a story related to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that isn’t about KISS. Instead, we’re talking about Nirvana. Now, we know that bands who are inducted into the Hall of Fame usually perform at the ceremony, but there hasn’t been too much talk about Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic reuniting for a song or two. However, they might be doing just that and they might have found someone to fill Kurt Cobain’s shoes as well. Last week, Novoselic sent out this tweet:

Someone will likely point out that this was posted on April Fool’s Day, but if Novoselic really wanted to make it a joke, wouldn’t he just outright post “Nirvana is going to play!” instead of something cryptic? Not to mention subsequent tweets have proven that this is likely the real deal. The following image was posted to the Foo Fighters’ Twitter and retweeted by Novoselic:

Obviously, that drum kit and bass likely belong to Grohl and Novoselic, respectively, but what about that guitar in the middle? We’ve seen it somewhere before…

Joan Jett












Yeah, it looks a hell of a lot like Joan Jett’s guitar. So it looks like she could very well be fronting for the band in place of Kurt Cobain, and why not? The band briefly reunited with a musical legend once before, so why not again? We’ll found out for ourselves if this is happening when the ceremony takes place on Thursday.

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