Mayhem Fest Organizers Want Rammstein To Headline In 2013

Posted by on August 7, 2012

Another Mayhem Fest came to an end this past Sunday in Hartford, CT. And while it’ll be a while till we find out who will be on touring festival’s bill next year, we do know who organizers want to headline. Mayhem Fest co-founder/event producer John Reese reportedly told Idahotstatesmen.com back in June that the band he wants to headline in 2013 is Rammstein. Reese revealed that he unsuccessfully tried to get the German industrial kings on last year’s bill. However, he supposedly said that “I’m gonna try like hell” to get Rammstein on the bill.

Before we get ourselves overly excited, let’s remember that Mayhem Fest JUST came to an end, and there’s no telling who might end up on next year’s bill this early. With that said, the idea of seeing Rammstein on Mayhem Fest someday (if not next summer) would make sense. This year marked the first time Rammstein performed more than a handful of shows in the U.S. Still, now most American fans (and those who went to the shows just to see what all the fuss was about) can say they’ve seen them live at least once. While they may still be able to sell tickets on their own, it may benefit Rammstein to tour on a festival package with other bands, especially if they want to do another U.S. run before releasing another album of new material.

But again, it’s still too soon to tell whether Mayhem Fest will ever get Rammstein on its bill (let alone for next year’s edition). Whether it happens or not, there’s no denying that it would be pretty cool to see Rammstein on the festival.

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