Korn Planning To Self-Release Next Album

Posted by on August 9, 2012

It’s been about two years now since Korn signed with Roadrunner Records. And since then, the nu metal kings have experienced moderate success (with Korn III – Remember Who You Are and The Path Of Totality selling pretty well). However, if what frontman Jonathan Davis says is true, it looks like Korn could be going the DIY route.

In an interview with Noisecreep, Davis mainly talks about his DJ persona J Devil. However, the singer did give the following insight into Korn’s potential plans for the next album:

“We don’t need labels anymore. When the machine worked in the early days of Korn with Epic, that shit was amazing. We had MTVs, we had video stations and labels that cared and put the work in, but now it’s so diluted and fucked up. We’re going underground again. Commercialized music is just commercialized bullshit. Do we really need labels anymore with the way things went with the Internet? I don’t think so.”

Granted, there’s always the chance that Korn may change their mind about going “underground” again and end up back with Roadrunner. And whether you think Korn is big enough to move forward without label support is a debate for another time. However, if Davis and his bandmates stay true to their word, then it could potentially be another blow to Roadrunner (who recently went through some major layoffs world-wide).

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