gnrpicAside from next month’s shows in Las Vegas, Coachella and Mexico City (where the grass is verde and the girls are bonita), There’s not too much more information about Guns N’ Roses. Five shows does not a tour make, and there isn’t even an officially confirmed lineup yet. With GN’R news in short supply, it’s gotten to the point where even a picture on Instagram is enough to ignite a firestorm of press. Some guy Mark Guglielmo ran into Axl at an airport and the reclusive singer was kind enough to pose for a photo with him.

The story would have ended there, but an Atlanta radio station did an interview with him. No, not Axl, the fan. Apparently, when he congratulated Axl on the five shows coming up, Rose apparently said “thanks, man, but we’re going to do a whole tour.” So there you have it – straight from the airport – GN’R will be touring. Oh yeah, and also, the guy said that “it really looked like he’s been working out a lot. His arms looked muscular.” So Axl’s getting buff and playing a bunch – you heard it here second!

[via Metal Injection]