Do we have a release date for a Queens of the Stone Age single?

Posted by on February 22, 2017

As this past fall’s Avenged Sevenfold rollout proved, it’s that you can’t just trust anything you see on the internet. So we’re taking this with a grain of salt, but there just might be a release date for new music from Queens of the Stone Age. Theprp has shown an image that features a song by Queens of the Stone Age called “Head Boy Machine” that’s allegedly set to be released on July 31st.

It certainly looks semi-legit. The band’s last album was on Matador, and you can clearly see the Matador logo on the lower right hand of the image show. It seems a little premature to have a release date for a single in August, over six months from now. With all the red herrings and intentional “leaks” being thrown around, it’s quite possible that this is just something to get people talking again, and without anything to substantiate it, we’re certainly not going to say this is anywhere near verifiable.

That being said, we do know the band’s been in the studio. Also, Queens of the Stone Age have been announced for Montebello, QC’s Montebello Rockfest, which takes place from June 22-25th, so if the band winds up playing a new song called “Head Boy Machine,” then you know there’s a shred of truth.


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