Yesterday, fans were disappointed when Mike Portnoy confirmed he was no longer working with former Whitesnake/ Thin Lizzy guitarist John Sykes. However, the former Dream Theater drummer also revealed that not only was the “secret” bassist none other than Mr. Big’s Billy Sheehan, but that the two had already started working with another singer/ guitarist. And now rumors have already started to spread as to who is the new member of this power trio.

Well according to Melodic Rock, replacing Sykes in the trio is guitarist Richie Kotzen. Probably best known for his time in Poison (having performed on 1993’s Native Tongue), Kotzen also played with Sheehan in Mr. Big for a short time. Lately, though, Kotzen has been focusing on his solo work.

At this moment, Kotzen’s involvement with Portnoy and Sheehan’s project has yet to be confirmed. Chances are, though, that we’ll find out for sure soon enough. But it certainly looks like Portnoy is putting a lot of energy into this power trio, even though he’s certainly keeping busy with Adrenaline Mob and Flying Colors.

UPDATE:  Radio host/ That Metal Show co-host Eddie Trunk confirmed via Twitter that the three musicians are working together. Shortly, Portnoy himself retweeted it, further confirming the news. Here’s Trunk’s tweet:

“I can confirm for those asking that @MikePortnoy@BillyonBass are working w/ @Richie_KotzenNothing imminent, just doing some stuff 4 now”

Trunk then followed that tweet with the following posts:

“You guys are all aware of how I feel about@Richie_Kotzen over the years so yes this was my suggestion, but no promises what will happen.

When there is some news of substance, formal announcement of a band Etc, it will be announced, but for now just some jamming.”