Review/Photos: KMFDM, OhGr sell out Irving Plaza

Posted by on October 11, 2017

KMFDM recently released their overall twentieth studio album Hell Yeah this past August via earMUSIC. To commemorate their latest effort, they embarked on a North American tour and we were lucky to make it to their sold out NYC stop on October 7th at Irving Plaza. It didn’t matter if fans followed the group since their 1984 debut Opium, 1995’s Nihil, or even the one-off MDFMK experiment, there was something for everyone.  

The concert-goers had more than enough time to indulge in several alcoholic beverages before ohGr graced the stage. ohGr was formed by Nivek Ogre and Mark Walk of Skinny Puppy back in 2000. Since then, they’ve released four studio albums, making 2011’s unDeveloped their latest. The audience was enjoying the moment as their performance was highly entertaining. The highlights were hearing songs “CraCKer,” “dEVil,” and “wAter” from their debut album Welt (2001).


KMFDM ruled the evening with the enhancement of a chaotic string of lights that moved along with the music. The unpredictable extravaganza included songs throughout their extensive career such as classics “D.I.Y” from 1999’s Adios, “Light” and “A Drug Against War” from 1993’s Angst. However, they had plenty of time to showcase their new tunes as they played a handful of tracks from their latest album including “Freak Flag,” “Hell Yeah,” “Total State Machine,” “Burning Brain,” Glam Glitz Guts & Gore,” “Shock,” and “Murder My Heart.”

As the night continued to unfold with back to back beats, there was still plenty of time to surprise the crowd for three encore tunes – “WWIII,” “Hau Ruck” and their classic track “Godlike.” Overall, KMFDM are straight and to the point when it comes to performing. They appear to be comfortable and at ease while performing, including taking a moment for a few cigarette breaks.

For those who haven’t had a chance to buy Hell Yeah yet, you should grab your copy here.



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