Chelsea Wolfe sold-out Irving Plaza, NYC on 10/17 w/Youth Code

Posted by on October 19, 2017

Chelsea Wolfe’s new album Hiss Spun arrived late last month via Sargent House. The record consists of sludgy, dark, and melodic sounds along with a few tracks similar to her prior release – 2015’s Abyss. To celebrate her latest creation, Wolfe has been touring throughout North America and brought the EBM duo Youth Code on board as special guests. We were lucky to attend her show at Irving Plaza in NYC on October 17th.

The venue was packed before Youth Code graced the stage. The crowd was a mix, essentially uniting the industrial, indie, and metalhead scene, and it was obvious that many were there to support Youth Code. Despite having two members, vocalist Sara Taylor used every inch of that stage to promote their 2016 album Commitment to Complications. Songs included: “Transitions,” “Shift of Dismay,” “Anagnorisis,” “Tiger’s Remorse,” “To Burn Your World,” “The Dust of Fallen Rome,” “Commitment to Complications,” “Avengement,” “Carried Mask,” and “Consuming Guilt.”



Depending on one’s musical taste, it’s safe to say that Wolfe can be considered a gothic version of Tori Amos. Musically, they are strangers, but they both share a similar capacity of leaving their show attendees mesmerized by their performances.

When Wolfe walked onto the stage, it was as though the room went into utter silence as she captivated everyone’s attention. The crowd differed between fans that danced around as though they were attending an industrial nightclub to those who were at a standstill admiring her compelling performance.

The set included the following tracks: “Spun,” “16 Psyche,” “Vex,” “Particle Flux,” “Carrion Flowers,” “Dragged Out,” “After the Fall,” “Tracks (Tall Bodies),” “Feral Love,” “The Warden,” “The Culling,” “Twin Fawn,” “Halfsleeper,” and “Scrape.”


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