Review: Black Moth, ‘Anatomical Venus’ is refreshingly good

Posted by on March 5, 2018

I will admit it, I never heard of Black Moth before, but when I got the promo invitation in the mail, the cover art struck me. I love the nod to Carcass and all those recent plastination exhibits (so much that I edited a paper on this in my “other life” as an academic). I checked out the first two preview songs, loved them, and then eagerly awaited the full release to come my way.

Now that I’ve heard the entire record, Anatomical Venus, a few times I have to say this… it’s really, really good. The first two tracks, “Istra” and “Moonbow” are two of the best heavy rock songs I’ve encountered in a long time. Great basslines on this record, incredible mixing and powerfully distant, yet soulful vocals. The leads on top of the rhythm guitars are also lush and yet bold at the same time. The time change at about 1:30 in to “Istra” reminds me a great deal of what I loved of 90’s indie bass-driven rock and there are many surprises here to keep the listener engaged. “Sisters of the Stone” also has some of that 90’s feel that will remind you of Alice In Chains, a tad (or should I say “Tad”) of Gruntruck and even a bit of Mindfunk here and there. And at the same time, however, the sound is updated and refreshed.

The opening dueling leads on “A Thousand Arrows” grab you immediately, and as Harriet Bevan’s vocals enter the track, you are whisked away to a far off place – somewhere in the north of England. The lead work continues to impress throughout the track and you’ll also be reminded of a bit of a Sabbath-like dirge from the rhythm work. “Scream Queen” has some really catchy lead work that I could listen to all day. There are so many wonderful influences in this record, from Cathedral to later Mastodon to Nick Cave. This is a great record to listen to with friends of varied tastes because there is literally something for everyone. Check it out.

Anatomical Venus is out now on Spinefarm Records.


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