Whoredom Rife have returned with their fourth full-length album, Den Vrede Makt. Formed in 2014, this Trondheim-based powerhouse have established themselves as one of the most revered acts in the black metal world. Their music is composed by V. Einride, who belongs to the stellar Manii and Syning. This master formerly played with the likes of Keep of Kalessin. From the very start, he has been joined by K.R, now also of Diabolus, Mecum Semperterne! and previously of Bloodthorn. K.R is indeed one of the genre’s greatest frontmen. Meanwhile, the brilliant visual artist and historian José Gabriel Alegría Sabogal functions as an honorary third member of sorts: He, of course, is the modern legend responsible for Whoredom Rife’s famous artwork. As always, his contributions to Den Vrede Makt blow us away as much as the music.

Recorded in 2021, Den Vrede Makt was delayed for quite a long time. Thus, the anticipation for this release mounted and mounted as fans waited impatiently, nagging for answers. Unsurprisingly, Den Vrede Makt has already proved a highlight of 2024 and much more. It boasts six incredible compositions that are bound to decimate audiences, destroying their love for all black metal bands below the small and mostly incestuous top tier of which Whoredom Rife is all too obviously a part. Diligent music connoisseurs remember that Whoredom Rife’s previous effort, Winds of Wrath, was a perfect album, and here we have yet another unblemished jewel in a black metal world littered with subpar trash.

Hateful and burning with the intensity of a million wooden churches, Den Vrede Makt is one epic sonic orgasm for psychopaths — indeed, this record is impossibly intense. In other words, it hits audiences like an atom bomb. Old-school yet laced with moments of exotic charm, the thoroughly authentic Den Vrede Makt stands in stark contrast to the sea of records by ovine clone projects out there. Flawlessly balanced through and through, this offering leaves no room for criticism. Aggressive as the epic compositions prove, they are also astoundingly beautiful. 

What could audiences have expected from K.R but a firestorm of vocal excellence? K.R channels all of his ferocity and might. Yes, K.R clearly puts his raw passion to expert use, making wise artistic decisions. He has crafted the ideal vocal arrangements for the lyrics penned by V. Einride. Truly, the veteran confidence of V. Einride and K.R is glaringly apparent. V. Einride provides magnificent and intoxicating work on all instruments. Anyone who claims to have survived his rockstar solos on “Fiender,” for example, is lying. V. Einride creates addictive melodies and massive atmospheres. One of the top drummers in the genre, as we have already pointed out in a separate article, his insanely enjoyable drums are unreal here. He murders us on the varied and partially frenetic “Ravenous,” not only with his pounding drums, but also with guitars that soar, sometimes slowly but effectively lifting us to vertiginous heights. We must note that we still haven’t recovered from the awesomeness that V. Einride delivered as a skins-pounder on Manii’s Innerst i Mørket last year.

Even the production of Den Vrede Makt is spot-on. Rune Stavnesli handled mixing. Those involved have assured that by the gorgeous and oddly romantic finale, “The Beautiful End of It All,” which features a pleasingly drawn-out and tortured performance by K.R, you will already be resting six feet under. Of course, we must thank Terratur Possessions for unleashing such a disastrously marvelous plague. Verily, without the content released by this Norwegian label, the brainchild of the evil genius Ole A. Aune, there would hardly be any quality black metal to discuss. With Den Vrede Makt, Aune has presented an album that will surely always be remembered by true black metal souls. May Terratur forever be cursed for bringing this divine horror to light.

(Order Den Vrede Makt here.)