It’s 2013, so of course Crazy Town is back

Posted by on August 5, 2013

Crazy+Town+2Remember Crazy Town? Well no matter what your answer is, the less aggressive Limp Bizkit-style rap/rock group from the ’90s are returning. The definition of what a one-hit wonder is, they have never had a song as popular as “Butterfly,” that song that goes, “come my lady come come my lady.” So metal, isn’t it? The most popular the band have been since then was when Shifty Shellshock was in rehab/went into a coma. So “back from the dead” is almost literal.

Regardless, the group have released a teaser video hinting about what’s to come come, my lady. See what we did there? The only details we know about are the two words at the end of video, “Dropping soon.” What that means, we can only guess. But I can’t imagine this will be a huge success.  Either way, you can watch the trailer for whatever Crazy Town has in store for us below.


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