It has been revealed today that Chiodos have reunited with original singer Craig Owens. While exact details regarding the post-hardcore band’s plans are still hazy, a teaser video posted on their website confirms the news. The AltPress have also confirmed Owens’ return to the group. The announcement comes almost a month after Brandon Bolmer (Owens’ replacement) and drummer Tanner Wayne announced their departures from Chiodos.

It’s safe to assume that the return of Owens, who was “let go” by the group in 2009, is good news. To many, Owens was an integral part of Chiodos. It’s a belief further proven by the first week sales of Chiodos’ last album (with Bolmer) Illuminaudio compared to the first week sales Owens’ other project Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows. But as we mentioned before, it’s not exactly clear what Chiodos and Owens are planning together (i.e. whether this is a one-off reunion or if he’s back for good). It also remains clear if a replacement for Wayne has been chosen yet.

We’ll keep you posted when more is revealed. For now, you can watch Chiodos teaser/announcement video over at their website