Therion announces rock opera, ‘Beloved Antichrist’

Posted by on October 5, 2017

Mastermind Christofer Johnsson founded Therion when he was a young teenager who was highly influenced by Celtic Frost. In fact, not just their band name, but a song, is named after Celtic Frost’s second studio album, To Mega Therion. The band’s sound has changed quite a bit over the years, as they moved far away from death metal and have long since embraced symphonic metal.

Back in 2012, the group celebrated their twenty-fifth anniversary with the release of their fifteenth album, Les Fleurs du Mal. Since then, Johnsson has been working on a piece that could be considered the band’s most ambitious symphonic metal release. Johnsson’s effort, Beloved Antichrist, is expected to be unleashed on January 26, 2018. This three full-length CD set is a rock opera consisting of multiple chapters to tell a story, which is partly based on Vladimir Solovyov’s A Short Tale of the Antichrist. The three-disc set includes twenty-nine different characters and Therion hired a large choir plus a vocalist for each role.

It’s only a matter of time when we get to compare Beloved Antichrist to Ayreon’s The Source, or even 2013’s The Theory of Everything. Regardless, 2018 is looking brighter and we are looking forward to hearing it.


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