photo credit: Mina Karadzic


Swedish symphonic metal legends Therion are ready to close their Leviathan chapter by releasing the Leviathan III on December 15, 2023, via Napalm Records. The group has unveiled the first taste of the upcoming effort by releasing a video for the first single, “Twilight of the Gods.” Not only does the record close the trilogy, but it will also showcase the band’s overall 35-year legacy. The band, led by mastermind Christofer Johnsson, drew inspiration from Swiss Celtic Frost’s innovative fusion of opera vocals and orchestral instruments in the late ’80s, a foundation that birthed their own Symphony Masses (1993) and Lepaca Kliffoth (1995) and laid the groundwork for the symphonic metal movement. “Twilight of the Gods” seamlessly melds symphonic metal by blending guitars, choirs, and orchestra elements into another harmonious masterpiece from these giants. The album will be slightly different than the previous two by embracing the dark side with gothic, melodic death, neoclassical, and power metal influences.


Watch the clip below and pre-order the album here:


Track List: 

01) Ninkigal

02) Ruler Of Tamag

03) An Unsung Lament

04) Maleficium

05) Ayahuasca

06) Baccanale

07) Midsommarblot

08) What Was Lost Shall Be Lost No More

09) Duende

10) Nummo

11) Twilight Of The Gods