Pantera To Debut Unreleased Song On Facebook Page

Posted by on August 25, 2010

For the 20th anniversary of Cowboys From Hell, Rhino will be re-releasing the album in a variety of formats. If you pony up for the three-disc version, you’ll get a disc of demos that also contains a never-before-heard demo from the Cowboy sessions called “The Will To Survive.” If you can’t wait until the release date of September 14 , head on over to Pantera’s Facebook page on Tuesday, 8/31 at Noon to hear the song. We’ve gotten a chance to hear it, and it definitely sounds like the bridge between the Power Metal-era Pantera and the crushingly heavy band they became on Cowboys From Hell onward. You can definitely tell it’s the late ’80s, and the band dug Judas Priest, but it’s still riffy as hell, and dammit, Phil could really scream if he wanted to! For a closer look at the packaging, head on over to their Facebook page, and become a fan.

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