New & Noteworthy, June 28th – Ignorance is Bliss

Posted by on June 28, 2011

In this column, I often begin by discussing the lead album on the day’s list. Today, I don’t want to do that. I am too shocked – not only by the mere existence of this album, but by the content it has to offer. An album like this could not have been expected, not even from the band that has created it. I think everyone knew this would be bad, but not THIS bad. This barely qualifies as music. That’s all that can be said about it.

Fortunately, the rest of this week’s list is considerably better. A myriad of good-quality bands from all across the metal spectrum help to balance out the awfulness of the lead album. Many of these bands are from the underground and looking for exposure, while others are more recognized names making progress in their careers. Either way, skipping the top album is the best thing you can do today.

Limp Bizkit, Gold Cobra (Interscope)

What is it exactly that makes this album so bad? It’s the problem that plagued this group after the year 2000 – Fred Durst and Co. decided to start taking their music seriously. When Limp Bizkit’s career began, there was no question that their music was meant to be taken facetiously. That is no longer the case, as Gold Cobra is clearly not humorously toned at all. And that only makes it even more unbearable.

Queensryche, Dedicated to Chaos (Roadrunner/Loud & Proud)

Queensrÿche was signed to Roadrunner’s Loud & Proud imprint last year, and Dedicated to Chaos is the group’s thirteenth studio album in 29 years of existence. It is interesting to note how the group’s production has spiked lately, with four albums being produced in the past five years. Whether that’s a sign of greater inspiration on the part of Geoff Tate or something else entirely, new material from Queensrÿche is almost always welcome in the progressive community. Positive reviews continue to come in on this album, and it’s a great sign of the longevity of this seminal group.

Degradead, A World Destroyer (Metalville)

Active since 2006, Degradead has been steadily rising through the ranks of Swedish melodic death metal. The group has received a great deal of praise from veterans in the metal world, most notably from ex-In Flames axeman Jesper Strömblad, who called them “The Future of Metal”. It is remarkably high praise for such a young group of musicians, now on their third album. Mixing melodeath with thrash is nothing new, as it has been done by Darkane, The Crown, and countless others. But Degradead has intensity and ferocity that are unmatched by any of their young peers, or even by some of their influences.

Also being released this week:

Burn Halo, Up from the Ashes (Rawkhead)

Set Your Goals, Burning at Both Ends (Epitaph)

Shraphead, Blind & Seduced (Metalville)

Seven Witches, Call Upon the Wild (Frostbyte)

Next Week: Heavyweights of Massachusetts metalcore return with another fantastic album. Want to know who it is? Find out in seven days!


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