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Posted by on January 17, 2012

Reunions, resurgences, and comebacks are an integral part of the metal world. One of the greatest joys that a fan can get is seeing their favorite band reunite to create new material. A past member returning to a lineup is also a big event, unless the previous member is deigned as inferior to their predecessor, something that doesn’t seem to happen often. But often just as exciting is the announcement of a side project or new band, giving fans the opportunity to hear their favorite metal stars trying new styles for a change. It may not always be well-received, but more often than not, it’s a hit.

Ministry fans have it made this year because they get two of those things. By now, news of Ministry’s return from hiatus is known to everyone, and even though Al Jourgensen has to maintain a lighter tour schedule than he previously did, it’s still exciting that fans will have another chance to see the industrial metal legends tour again and put out new music. Unfortunately, we still have two and a half months to wait for the new Ministry album Relapse, but fortunately, the new album from Jourgensen’s other project sees the light today. So get your dose of a modern metal icon today, along with plenty of other great new releases!


Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters, Bikers Welcome Ladies Drink Free (AFM)

Buck Satan is Jourgensen’s tribute to his country music hero Buck Owens, and between that name and the album title, it’s pretty clear this isn’t Jourgensen’s standard output of music. In fact, one could consider this the opposite of Hank III’s metal releases from September. Jourgensen’s love for country has never been a secret, but this is the first time it’s appeared so blatantly on recording. What should be a bigger surprise are the 666 Shooters, the informal name for Jourgensen’s backing band: Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick), Tony Campos (Ministry, Soulfly), and Mike Scaccia (Ministry, Rigor Mortis). Clearly, Jourgensen has spread the country love to other musicians in his close circle, and such an elite group can only make this album a great thrill ride while we patiently await Relapse.


Abysmal Dawn, From Ashes [Reissue] (Relapse)

Abysmal Dawn reached widespread notice with 2008’s Programmed to Consume, their debut for Relapse Records. However, the band didn’t get signed to Relapse based solely on potential and wishes. It was 2006’s From Ashes that got the ball rolling for Abysmal Dawn. The album earned the group a five-week cross-country tour with Six Feet Under and Decapitated, as well as gigs with Suffocation, Emperor, Goatwhore, and many others throughout California. This reissue features digital remastering and three bonus tracks for your listening pleasure, and should give listeners solid insight into the origins of this high-caliber group.


Also being released this week:


To/Die/For, Samsara (End of the Light)


Loincloth, Iron Balls of Steel (Southern Lord)


Everything Went Black, Cycles of Light (Prosthetic)


Alcest, Les Voyages de L’Âme (Prophecy)


The Devil’s Blood, The Thousandfold Epicentre (Metal Blade)


Lantlôs, Agape (Prophecy)


Evergrey, A Decade and a Half (SPV/Steamhammer)


Next Week: It’s time for the first big releases of 2012 to make their presence known! Come back to find out about the resolution that will have your adrenaline pumping!

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