Gojira Reveal Details Regarding New Album ‘L’Enfant Sauvage’

Posted by on April 4, 2012

It’s been about four years since Gojira released The Way Of All Flesh. On June 26, though, the wait for new music will come to an end. That’s the date that the French metal group will release their new album L’Enfant Sauvage, their first via Roadrunner Records.

Frontman Joe Duplantier had the following to say about the title to Gojira’s new album, which translate to “The Wild Child”:

“When you become a musician, you don’t have a boss telling you what to do so you have to be very responsible. With freedom comes responsibility, so I’m asking myself, ‘What is freedom? What does it mean to me?’ L’Enfant Sauvage reflects on that. There’s no answer though. There’s just life and questions.”

As we’ve said before, Gojira and Roadrunner have a lot riding on this album. Not only is the pressure on Roadrunner to expose the band (already one of the hottest metal groups in the underground scene) to a larger audience, but Gojira have a lot to prove to fans still hesitant about their new label signing. With that said, we have little doubt that Gojira will rise to the occasion and once again blow us away with new music.

In addition to confirming the title and release date, Gojira have also revealed the track listing to L’Enfant Sauvage. While we wait for our first taste of new music from Gojira, the track listing can be seen after the jump.

1. Explode

2. L’Enfant Sauvage

3. The Axe

4. Liquid Fire

5. The Wild Healer

6. Planned Obsolescence

7. Mouth Of Kala

8. The Gift Of Guilt

9. Pain Is A Master

10. Born In Winter

11. The Fall

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