On June 5, Fear Factory will release their eighth studio album (and second since guitarist Dino Cazares returned to the fold)called The Industrialist. And earlier today, the group revealed the album’s track listing and cover artwork.

Cazares and frontman Burton C. Bell were once again joined in the studio by producer Rhys Fulber, while the album was mixed by  Greg Reely (Paradise Lost/Skinny Puppy/Machine Head). “Rhys has been our secret member. He is the one producer who has been able to understand what we have been trying to accomplish from the beginning and has opened our eyes to new things without sacrificing our original sound. His production and keyboard talents has made Fear Factory stand out amongst the many bands of our genre,” says Cazares.

Like with 2010’s Mechanize, Cazares took charge of bass on the album, rather than new bassist Matt DeVries. However, it’s still unclear whether The Industrialist marks drummer Gene Hoglan’s last contribution to Fear Factory, since he recently confirmed he would not be joining the group on the road.

While we may have to wait a little longer till we hear our first taste of new music from Fear Factory, you can check out the track listing to The Industrialist after the jump, while the cover artwork can be seen above.

1. The Industrialist

2. Recharger

3. New Messiah

4. God Eater

5. Depraved Mind Murder

6. Virus of Faith

7. Difference Engine

8. Dissemble

9. Religion is Flawed Because Man is Flawed

10. Human Augmentation

11. Blush Response (Difference Engine) *

12. Landfill *

* Available only on the limited deluxe digi-book edition.