FALLUJAH 306Technical death dealers Fallujah are one of many bands with big plans for 2016. They have a new tour coming up supporting juggernauts The Black Dahlia Murder during the Spring, and to take advantage of that, they just announced the release date of April 29th for their upcoming album Dreamless.

Dreamless would be their first record released with Nuclear Blast and you can expect it to be different than their previous album The Flesh Prevails as guitarist Scott Carstairs explained to The Metalist when asked if the album would be more diverse:

I’d say so yeah! The way we did our first album which was really Death Metal, I think we were eighteen so we were really into all these bands. Then we did this little EP before we did our next album and we tried girls singing and like proggy parts that way so that when we did The Flesh Prevails no one would be surprised by us doing a bunch of proggy stuff. Now that we have already done that with The Flesh Prevails we just want to go full ham with the new album. Do whatever the fuck we want. We tried a whole bunch of stuff, there’s a whole bunch of stuff on the album. It’s going to be one of the longest albums we have ever had.

We may have to wait a little bit more to get a taste of what the album will sound like but at least we can look at track listing and the gorgeous artwork done by Peter Mohrbacher.

Fallujah – Dreamless

1 – Face Of Death
2 – Adrenaline
3 – The Void Alone
4 – Abandon
5 – Scar Queen
6 – Dreamless
7 – The Prodigal Son
8 – Amber Gaze
9 – Fidelio
10 – Wind For Wings
11 – Les Silences
12 – Lacuna

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